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Fyah Kamp

Bringing the heat from near and far. The Fyah Kamp stage will be a volcanic eruption of talent with Teedemba, Hazz, B-Fela, Lecs, Blvck, Nxshe, Nicole Blakk, Hustla, G3NNA, Fazman, DJ Gladstone, Eddie Goodtimes, It's About Staitus, DJ Smokes, Riddla, Loudy, Mugun, DJ Highgrade, Tallawah Sound, and more to come.

(Tamsir Gaye)

Coventry-based artist TEEDEMBA, also known as Tamsir, is a rising force in the music scene. He blends Rap, R&B, and Pop to create impactful works that resonate on a personal and community level. TEEDEMBA uses his music, modeling, and collaborations to spread positive messages and inspire others.

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Coventry's Fazman is a multi-talented artist who has earned a reputation for his musical prowess. A skilled producer and DJ, Fazman knows how to get the crowd moving, whether he's behind the decks or the keyboard.

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DJ Smokes (Kenan Bailey)

Coventry's DJ Smokes (Kenan Bailey) discovered his passion for DJing at family events in 2019. Since then, he's honed his skills and developed a deep connection with music. Specializing in Hip-Hop, R&B, and Rap, DJ Smokes also keeps his Caribbean roots alive with Reggae and Dancehall influences.

Lecs Blvck
(Mabutho Mkoba)

This Coventry artist brings a unique touch to the music scene. Lecs Blvck (Mabutho Mkoba) creates irresistible vibes with his music, guaranteed to get you moving. His diverse sound connects with a wide audience, making him a must-see act.

DJ Gladstone (Isaac Reid)

A young Jamaican DJ from Coventry, DJ Gladstone (Isaac Reid) is passionate about sharing his love for music. His infectious enthusiasm and ability to blend genres create an unforgettable experience for listeners.

Riddla (Kevin Broch)

Riddla (Kevin Broch) is a producer and artist who brings a unique perspective to the music scene. This Nottingham-based artist, originally from Germany and of Ghanaian descent, uses his diverse background to create innovative and thought-provoking music. From Highlife influences to Grime inspiration, Riddla's journey has led him to collaborate with established artists and create his own distinct sound.

Hustla (Nathan Michael)

Coventry's very own Hustla (Nathan Michael) brings the vibes to any event. Working closely with producer Saint, Hustla has carved his own lane in the wave music scene. Get ready for an energetic performance that will leave you wanting more.

Eddie Goodtimes (Edwin Chandley)

Coventry's veteran DJ, Eddie Goodtimes (Edwin Chandley), has been spinning tracks for over 25 years. He's a familiar face on the local scene, having played at events all over the UK and abroad. Eddie's extensive experience and love for music make him a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

G3NNA (Zion Wallen)

G3NNA (Zion Wallen) is a UK Rap and Hip-Hop artist with Jamaican roots. This Coventry-based artist is on a mission to spread positive messages and unify communities through his music. G3NNA's captivating performances and collaborations with inspiring organizations will leave a lasting impression.

It's About Staitus (Richard Holmes-Smith)

This West Midlands DJ, It's About Staitus (Richard Holmes-Smith), is known for his versatility. He tailors his sets to the specific event, ensuring everyone gets their groove on. With experience playing in the UK and abroad, It's About Staitus brings a wealth of knowledge and energy to any occasion.

Ticket only event

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